Easy to setup. Everything you need is a Zabbix Monitoring System.

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The monitoring shows problematic settings, which could endanger the TYPO3 system.


Discover factors that slow down the TYPO3 system.

Error detection

Knows what problems arise in the systems.

  • Items are data that can be combined and queried at any interval. Here is an excerpt of currently available items.

    • PHP Version
    • Database Version
    • Failed Logins
    • Insecure Extensions
    • Last Extension List Update
    • Last Scheduler Run
    • Other Exceptions
    • Outdated Extensions
    • PageNotFoundExceptions
    • Security Update available
    • Total Log Files Size
    • Version
    • Update available
    Find out more about using the triggers in the items.

Possible combinations

Take advantage of the OpenSource Zabbix system and monitor multiple systems of different types in one system.




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